2004 - 2006 Events

November 30, 2006

Access and Success in Higher Education: Can Public Policy Make a Difference?

Patrick Callan, President, National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

November 16, 2006

Minority Student Success and Accountability in Higher Education

Estela Bensimon, Professor of Higher Education, University of Southern California

October 25, 2006

Public Higher Education in the 21st Century: The CUNY Story

Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor, The City University of New York

June 15 and 16, 2006

College Admissions in the Public Interest

Lloyd Thacker, Director, The Education Conservancy

April 20, 2006

The Origins of Affirmative Action at Elite Universities
Jerome Karabel, Professor of Sociology, The University of California, Berkeley 



December 8, 2005

Extending Opportunity in Higher Education

William Bowen, President, The Andrew Mellon Foundation

November 4, 2005

Race and Class in Higher Education

Lani Guinier, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Richard Kahlenberg, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation

April 21, 2005

How Private Foundations Influence Universities

Charles Clotfelter, Professor of Public Policy Studies, Duke University

April 7, 2005

The Disciplinary University
Steven Brint, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Riverside

March 3, 2005

The Effects of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Douglas Massey, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

February 17, 200

Do Public Research Universities Have a Future
Roger Geiger, Professor of Education, The Pennsylvania State University

February 2, 2005

Higher Education in the Age of Money

David Kirp, Professor of Public Policy, The University of California, Berkeley
Catharine Stimpson, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University



October 28, 2004

The College Admissions Race

James Fallows, National Correspondant, The Atlantic Monthly
Christopher Avery, Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University
Bruce Poch, Vice President and Dean of Admissions, Pomona College

October 21, 2004

Opportunity and Danger: Basic Commercial Science on Campus

Jason Owen-Smith, Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan