Policy and Performance in American Higher Education

Thursday, March 25, 5:30pm
Pless Hall, 4th Floor
82 Washington Square East
New York University

Richard Richardson
Professor of Higher Education, New York University

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In his new book, Policy and Performance in Higher Education: An Examination of Cases Across State Systems (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009), higher education professor Richard Richardson offers a new approach to understanding how public policy influences institutional performance.   In an era in which state governments are asking postsecondary institutions to meet higher standards for student learning and achievement with fewer resources, Dr. Richardson's discussion of the challenges and promise of effective policy implementation is even more critical.  Drawing on seven years of observations, interviews and research, Dr. Richardson will describe efforts made in five states (New York, California, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota) to create, implement, and enforce state policy aimed at improving institutional efficiency and student outcomes.

Richard Richardson is a Professor of Higher Education at the Steinhardt School for Culture, Education, and Human Development. He is the author or co-author of seven books, including Designing State Higher Education Systems for a New Century (1999) and Achieving Quality and Diversity: Universities in a Multicultural Society (1991).   His most recent book, Policy and Performance in Higher Education, is the culmination of a seven-year research effort to identify, explain, and demonstrate how higher education policy influences student success and institutional performance across Canada, Mexico and the United States.