International Policy

Courses offered abroad
Global Perspectives in Higher Education: India
Study in India will provide graduate students with an opportunity to explore India's vast and growing system of higher education system.  The course includes class sessions at NYU, and a twelve day visit to public and private colleges and universities in Delhi and Mumbai.  Meetings with administrators, faculty, and students will engage participants in conversations about institutional climate, curricular opportunities, college admissions requirements, student services, and the demographic composition of higher education in India. 

Global Perspectives in Higher Education: Israel
The study trip to Israel is designed to provide graduate students with an opportunity to examine Israel's higher education system and to discover and analyze similarities and differences in comparison to higher education in the United States.  Through visits to universities and public and private colleges, we will engage in discussions with rectors, faculty members, deans of students and their staffs and students themselves.  Special lectures with sociologists and national officials will help us understand the goals and future aspirations of Israeli higher education and how higher education meets the social, political and culture needs of society.

International Perspectives on Education Reform: South Africa
This course focuses on education reforms that have been implemented following major social reforms in South Africa. The program consists of daily lectures and seminars led by researchers, government officials, and other knowledgeable presenters who share what they have learned from the process. Site visits to educational institutions and cultural centers give students a full understanding of the broader issues in society and the role that education is playing in development, and offer the opportunity to meet people who are grappling with reform issues on a daily basis.  


International Perspectives in Higher Education: Turkey
The Global Perspectives in Higher Education: Turkey program will take place over 9 days and will focus on Turkey's ancient and very recent university traditions.  A predominantly Muslim country, Turkey has a highly centralized government with strong control of education, including universities. The economy is robust, and Turkey is noted for having the 15th largest Gross Domestic Product.  Turkey borders Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is increasingly seen as an important political and cultural force in both the region and the global community. 

Courses offered at NYU

Globalization and Higher Education Reform
This course considers the Impact of globalization on higher education policy and reforms around the world. Students consider issues in higher education reforms from an international and comparative perspective. The focus is on higher education reform, analyses of case studies of major reforms, and relationships between policy formulation and implementation. Comparisons are made between developed and developing countries.

International Perspectives in Higher Education
This course offers an in-depth study of education reform in an international context. The goal is to understand policy reform, with attention to the contexts and variables contributing to reform initiatives. With emphasis on original research and the exchange of ideas, students will explore educational reform's contextual variables and the push and pull of factors such as globalization and key international institutions involved in reform. Different theoretical frameworks used to understand educational reform will be examined.


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