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Steinhardt Institute Fellow, Teboho Moja, will participate in a three-day seminar to discuss the development of a new book on higher education in South Africa since 2000.  The event, facilitated by the Center for Higher Education Transformation, will engage higher education specialists from South Africa and around the world in dialogue about higher education reforms in South Africa. 

Professor Moja was the executive director and commissioner to the National Commission on Higher Education under President Nelson Mandela.  She has also served as special adviser to the minister of education in South Africa and chair of the Board of Trustees of South Africa's largest university, the University of South Africa.

The meeting and forthcoming publication have received generous funding from the Ford Foundation and Carnegie Corporation. 

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The Future of Indian Higher Education
May 7, 2009

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Pawan Agarwal, Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

India has the largest number of higher education institutions of any nation but has an increasingly unmet need from a growing population.  Dr. Agarwal compares the Indian system of higher education to systems from other nations and provides recommendations for how policy and practice can optimize growth, access and quality.

Dr. Pawan Agarwal is Secretary to the Government of West Bengal in India a 2005-6 Fulbright New Century Scholar.  He is the author of Indian Higher Education: Envisioning the Future among other international higher education topics.

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