Recent Publications: Assessment and Evaluation 

Outcomes Assessment for First-year Programs, Curricula, Co-Curricula and

Mayhew, M.J., Vanderlinden, K., & Kim, E. (in press). A multi-level assessment of the impact of orientation programs on student leaning. Research in Higher Education.

Mayhew, M.J., Caldwell, R.C., & Hourigan, A. (2008). The influence of curricular-based interventions within first-year "success" courses on student alcohol expectancies and engagement in high-risk drinking behaviors. The NASPA Journal, 45(1), 49-72.

Grunwald, H.E. & Mayhew, M.J. (2008). Using propensity scores in identifying a comparison group in a quasi-experimental design: Moral reasoning development as an outcome. Research in Higher Education, 49(8), 758-775.

Mayhew, M.J., Wolniak, G.C., & Pascarella, E. T. (2008).How educational practices affect the development of life-long learning outcomes in traditionally-aged undergraduate students. Research in Higher Education, 49(4), 317-356.

Mayhew, M.J. & King, P.M. (2008). How curricular content and pedagogical strategies affect moral reasoning development in college students. Journal of Moral Education, 37(1), 17-40.

Engberg, M.E. & Mayhew, M.J. (2007).The influence of first-year "success" courses on student learning and democratic outcomes. Journal of College and Student Development, 48(3), 241-258.

Mayhew, M.J. & Deluca Fernandez, S. D. (2007).Pedagogical practices that contribute to social justice outcomes. Review of Higher Education, 31(1), 55-80.

Outcomes Assessment for Professional Schools' (Business, Engineering, Medicine) Educational Practices

Mayhew, M.J., Hubbard, S.H., Finelli, C.J., Harding, T.S., & Carpenter, D.D. (2009). Using structural equation modeling to validate the theory of planned behavior for predicting student cheating. Review of Higher Education, 32(4), 441-468.

Harding, T., Mayhew, M.J., Finelli, & Carpenter, D. (2007).The theory of planned behavior as a model of academic dishonesty in humanities and engineering undergraduates. Ethics and Behavior, 17(3), 255-279.

Passow, H.J., Mayhew, M.J., Finelli, C., Harding, T., & Carpenter, D. (2006). Factors influencing engineering students' decisions to cheat by type of assessment. Research in Higher Education, 47(6), 643-684.

Assessing and Evaluating Campus Climates for Diversity and Democratic Outcomes

Mayhew, M.J. & Engberg, M.E. (in press). Diversity and moral reasoning: How negative diverse peer interactions affect the development of moral reasoning in undergraduate students. Journal of Higher Education.

Mayhew, M.J., Grunwald, H.E., & Dey, E.L. (2006). Breaking the silence: Achieving a positive campus climate for diversity from the staff perspective. Research in Higher Education, 47(1), 63-88.

Mayhew, M.J. & Grunwald, H.E. (2006). Factors that contribute to faculty's incorporation of diversity-related content into their course materials. Journal of Higher Education, 77(1), 148-168.

Mayhew, M.J., Grunwald, H.E., & Dey, E.L. (2005). Curriculum Matters: Creating a positive climate for diversity from the student perspective. Research in Higher Education, 46(4), 389-412.

Mayhew, M.J. (2004). Exploring the essence of spirituality: A phenomenological study of eight students with eight different worldviews. The NASPA Journal, 41(4), 647-674.

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