James Macinko of MPH Program to Lead Study on Health Care Delivery in the Americas

James Macinko, an associate professor of public health and health policy, has received a grant of $110,000 from the Pan American Health Organization, regional office of the World Health Organization. The grant will allow Macinko to lead a team of international experts to conduct assessments of primary health care systems and services in more than twenty countries in the Americas. The project will be the first to collect internationally comparable data on the organization, financing, and delivery of primary health care in low and middle-income countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The results of the assessments will be used to establish baseline measures for countries undergoing health reforms, aid in identifying characteristics of high performing primary health care systems, and inform in-depth surveys of health providers and populations of health service users in expected follow-up projects.

Macinko is an associate professor in Steinhardt’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health.

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