Steinhardt Abroad: Collaboration Brings Physical Therapy Education to Southern China Rehabilitation Center

Representatives from NYU Steinhardt and delegates from the Guandong Disabled Persons Federation and Zhongshan Medical School of Sun Yet-sen University came together in May to sign a collaboration agreement that will secure NYU as a consultant on a master’s degree program in physical therapy and a 1200-bed rehabilitation center being built in Southern China.

The project, spearheaded by Wen Ling, associate professor and chair of Steinhardt’s Department of Physical Therapy, and Geoffrey Hall of NYU Langone’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, will be the first of its kind in Guangdong Province.

“The physical therapy education program will prepare leaders in physical therapy to make long term and large scale improvement to physical therapy services in China,” said Ling. She will serve as a consultant, designing and implementing an education curriculum for the physical therapy faculty members, practitioners, and managers. Hall will be assisting the Federation in the design of the rehabilitation center.

The Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation is funding the physical therapy education program and the rehabilitation center in association with the Zhongshan Medical School of Sun Yet-sen University.

“Helping to create a state-of-the art rehabilitation facility is another way we connect theory and practice and foster interdisciplinary connections that serve unmet needs in the global community,” said Erich Dietrich, assistant dean for global and academic affairs at NYU Steinhardt.

(Photo: (front row from left): Deputy Dean Li Guanhong, Zhongshan Medical School, Sun Yat-sen University, Song Zhuoping, president, Guangdong Disabled Peoples’ Federaion (GDDPF), Vice Dean Beth Weitzman, NYU Steinhardt; (second row from left) Huang Dongfeng, director of rehabilitation medicine, First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yet-sen University, Erich Dietrich, Assistant Dean, NYU Steinhardt, Wen Ling, chair and professor, NYU Steinhardt, Department of Physical Therapy, Geoffrey Hall, NYU/Rusk, department administrator, Peng Shangde, director of the construction project, GDDPF.)