At Government Hearing, Jim Kemple of Research Alliance for New York City Schools, Gives Testimony on Educational Research

James Kemple, executive director of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, gave testimony in September at a hearing entitled, “Educational Research:  Exploring Opportunities to Strengthen the Institute of Educational Sciences.”  Convened by the House Committee on Education and Workforce, the hearing was chaired by Rep. John Kline.

The Institute of Education Sciences gathers information on education progress, conducts research on educational practices in the nation’s schools, and examines the quality of federal education programs and initiatives.  The hearing offered committee members an opportunity to discuss ways to improve education research.

In his testimony, Kemple offered four principles to guide the strengthening of the Institute of Educational Sciences. He noted that key challenge lies in helping the current leadership of the institute continue to make strides in these areas:

•  Preserving scientific rigor,

•  Prioritizing relevance for policy and practice,

•  Promoting greater use of high quality research, and

•  Preparing for the future.

Kemple, a research professor at NYU Steinhardt, served as  director of K-12 Education Policy at MDRC, a national social policy research organization based in New York City.  A former high school math teacher and program director for a community-based education organization in Washington, D.C., he holds a master’s and doctorate in education from Harvard University.

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools at New York University is a non-partisan applied research center that is independent of city government and the Department of Education. Utilizing recent advances in education science and drawing on the expertise of the city’s and the nation’s top researchers, the Research Alliance hopes to be a source of valid and reliable evidence both about the challenges of providing a high quality education for all students and about the effectiveness of promising

Read James Kemple’s Testimony.

(Photo:  Jim Kemple, third from left.)