Open Letter from Steinhardt Professors and Peers Encourages Investing in Early Childhood Education

On November 12, more than 500 researchers and academics from across the country, along with the National Institute for Early Education Research and the First Five Years Fund, released an open letter urging policymakers to support greater investments in high-quality early childhood education.

The letter cites evidence in human development, psychology, education, and economics – including a research brief summarizing the evidence base on early childhood education led by Steinhardt’s Hirokazu Yoshikawa – that high-quality early childhood education is one of the best economic investments our country can make.  In fact, quality early childhood education programs produce better education, health, economic, and social outcomes for children, families, and the nation.

Before amassing upwards of 500 signatures, the letter began with nearly 60 founding signatories, including James Heckman, Nobel laureate in economics, and representing leading academics in education and early childhood development. The largest group of founding signatories came from NYU, and includes J. Lawrence Aber, Clancy Blair, Laurie Miller Brotman, Pamela Morris, Susan B. Neuman, C. Cybele Raver, and Yoshikawa.