Books from Our Faculty: Changes in the Brain: Impact on Daily Life by Yael Goverover

Changes in the Brain:  Impact on Daily Life (Springer, 2017)

Goverover, Yael., Chiaravalloti, Nancy D., Editors

In Changes in the Brain, Yael Goverover, associate professor of occupational therapy, and  Nancy D. Chiaravalloti, show how societal and cultural expectations can shape the context and experience of disability.

In this edited volume, experts across brain-related fields discuss how conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and dementia impact regions of the brain and influence daily life.  The book’s focus on everyday activities brings clarity to diverse links between symptoms and diagnosis, and brain and behavior.  Topics covered are stroke and its impact on life and daily function, the aging brain, and everyday life with cancer.

Goverover, who has received a National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Fellowship award and a National Multiple Sclerosis Society grant, contributes a chapter on the impact of multiple sclerosis on patient’s lives.