On World Mental Health Day, Nisha Sajnani and Her Students Advocate for Drama Therapy at the United Nations

“Theatre helps us to see the world through another’s eyes,” says, Nisha Sajnani, director of Steinhardt’s program in drama therapy. “Trans-disciplinary and action-oriented practices like drama therapy offer us ways of promoting empathy by challenging stigma and teaching us to navigate conflict and imagine change.”

Sajnani brought this message to the United Nations NGO Committee on Mental Health on October 10th in a session held in observance of World Mental Health Day.  With drama therapy students Samah Ikram, Hanna Rosenberg, and Opher Shamir, the associate professor advocated for drama therapy as a mental health treatment modality by engaging the audience in an exploration and conversation about workplace conflict.

Holly Shaw, Vice-Chair of the NGO Committee on Mental Health chaired the panel which also included Xian Horn, Disability Advocate (Give Beauty Wings) and Robert Venne, UN Secretariat (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).