NYU’s Curatorial Collaborative Highlights the Work of Steinhardt’s Rising Seniors

Catalina Antonio Granados

“My work is community-grounded. It is concerned with its social meaning. This includes exploring the process of violence my work attempts to exorcise. My work is not the expression of my artistic creativity, it is not a product of my absolute will, it is about my involvement in communities where I have a real emotional investment,” writes Steinhardt senior Catalina Antonio Granados, whose work is on display at Steinhardt’s 80 WSE Gallery.

Granados explored a child’s fear of a costume. (Photo of Emanuel by Catalina Antonio Granados)

Granados collaborated with an elementary school drama class in Tepito, Mexico City, and led the children in a personal exploration of the place of fear in their daily lives.

The work that resulted from her collaboration, The Children That Live on Calle Libertad, was chosen by the NYU Curatorial Collaborative for its fourth annual exhibition series.

Granados was attracted to Tepito, an impoverished urban community, because not only is it “a forgotten place at the middle of downtown,” but also because her grandfather was born there. On display are costumes that helped the children become invincible to their fears and a series of photographs that document the project.

The Curatorial Collaborative is a joint initiative led by the Institute of Fine Arts and NYU Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions that partners graduate student curators from the Institute of Fine Arts’ MA and PhD in Art History with rising seniors from NYU Steinhardt’s BFA in Studio Art.

To learn more about the NYU Curatorial Collaborative and 2018 programming, visit www.nyucuratorialcollaborative.org.