ALT Faculty Members Share LEARN Projects at 2018 Learning Analytics Summer Institute

Alyssa Wis

Alyssa Wise, associate professor of learning sciences, spoke about LEARN, NYU’s university-wide Learning Analytics Research Network, at the 2018 Learning Analytics Summer Institute on June 11th at Columbia University.  The event was co-hosted by NYU and Teacher’s College Columbia University.

In her powerpoint presentation, New Frontiers in Learning Analytics, Wise described the goals of the LEARN network, which helps stakeholders to combine advanced data science methods with novel learning approaches in order to facilitate research on equitable and effective education.

Wise described four projects that are now underway with NYU partners.  They are:

Informing Teaching with Instructional Dashboards

Mixed methods work probing how university instructors at NYU work with an instructional dashboard to inform teaching and learning. Results contribute to both iterative dashboard design and models of data-informed-instruction. (With NYU IT.)

Calculus Early Alerts: Prediction to Prevention

Developing predictive models that identify students likely to struggle in NYU’s large introductory calculus classes and offers proactive support targeted to their learning needs. (With NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematics.)

Supporting Dental Expertise Development

Applying NLP and text-mining to the large corpus of student reflections in the dental e-portfolio system to examine curriculum and developing trajectories of professional expertise. (With NYU’s Dental School and Center for Data Science.)

Personalization In Education (P.I.E.) Challenge

Developing success criteria and data collection guidelines for an Israeli national competition to develop personalized learning solutions in high school math classrooms. (With NYU Applied Statistics and Israeli partners.)

Yoav Bergner

Yoav Bergner, assistant professor of learning sciences and educational technology in Steinhardt’s Department of Administration, Leadership & Technology Department participated in the discussion by demonstrating  how motion tracking devices can be used to create analytics to provide feedback on dancing.

LASI (the Learning Analytics Summer Institute) is an annual tutorial and workshop organized by Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) to help researchers stay at the cutting edge of the field by learning state of the art information, techniques and tools in the area of learning analytics.

Wise, who serves as director of NYU LEARN, was featured in the e-learn magazine article, Experiments with Learning Analytics Around the World.

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