At Langone’s Health Tech Symposium 2018, NYU Steinhardt Presents Research and Creative Projects

Members of the NYU Steinhardt community presented research at NYU Langone’s Health Tech Symposium 2018 on June 8th. The one-day professional conference brought together NYU faculty, clinicians, students, researchers, and developers for lightening talks, panels, and poster sessions aimed at finding technological solutions that enhance patient care.

Iris Fishman, director of Steinhart’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, shared her research.

In a poster session, Iris Fishman, director of Steinhardt’s NYU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, described research that assesses the value of using eye tracking to investigate spoken word recognition in clients with cerebral palsy (without functional speech) who rely on augmentative communication systems.

In a faculty lightening talk, Anat Lubetzky, assistant professor of physical therapy, presented a virtual technology head-mounted instrument that aims to enhance clinician’s diagnosis of impairments in sensory integration. Lubetzky offered a demonstration of the technology and afterwards tested the user’s experience of the headset’s 3-D sound, which was designed by students in Steinhardt’s music technology program.

Anat Lubetzky of Steinhardt’s Department of Physical Therapy takes notes about a participant’s experience with her VR headset at the NYU Langone Health Tech 2018 Symposium.

Dipti Wani, a doctoral student in the Department of Physical Therapy, presented a poster titled, “Visual Attention: In Need of Some Attention.”  The poster described her upcoming research project investigating the influence of visual attention on motor task performance. Wani noted that the findings of the project will have direct implication for improving injury risk assessment.  

Nader Mherabi, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean of NYU Langone, gave greetings at the NYU Langone’s Health Tech 2018 Symposium.

The NYU Langone Health Tech Symposium grew out of a 2016 Steinhardt conference titled, Health Tech: Apps, Gizmos, and Gadgets, created by Mitchell Batavia, chair of the Department of Physical Therapy.

“We wanted to create a symposium so that people at NYU with ideas could connect and move their creative projects forward, something that is already happening, and something that could help improve the experience of many patients receiving healthcare,” Batavia said.

The NYU Langone 2018 Symposium was a sold-out event featuring a keynote address by Chris Holt, leader of Global Healthcare at Amazon, and offered activities designed to inspire conversation, enhance educational practice, and create research and technological innovation opportunities around healthcare.