Exhibition at Barney Commons Gallery Showcases NYU Steinhardt’s Alumni Talent

Video Still from Some Dead Don’t Make a Sound (Claudia Joskowicz (MFA ’00)

Claudia Joskowicz (MFA ’00) is a video and installation artist whose work documents the place where history, landscape, and memory meet.  In Some Dead Don’t Make a Sound (Hay Muertos que no hacen ruido), the artist uses the Mexican legend of the Weeping Woman (La Llorona) as an allegory for national grief. La Llorono is the ghost of a woman who has killed her children and cries desperately, roaming the streets, causing misfortune to those who are near.  Using La Llorona’s slow powerful journey, Joskowicz, who was born in Bolivia, references violent events that have taken place in Mexico in the last decade, capturing the pain, struggle, and the mundane/mystical moments faced by a culture.

Joscowicz’s video installations will be among the works on exhibition at the Department of Art and Art Professions Alumni Art Show from October 26 – November 4, 2018.  The exhibit was curated by Chrissie Iles, the Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator of  the Whitney Museum of American Art,

Barney Commons Gallery, Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street, New York, NY  10003