NYU Steinhardt Faculty Honored with Prestigious Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award

From left to right: David Kirkland, Jasmine Ma, Teboho Moja, Carol Ann Spreen (Photo credit: ©Olivo: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau):

Steinhardt faculty members, Carol Anne Spreen, Jasmine Ma, Teboho Moja, and David Kirkland, have been awarded NYU’s prestigious Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Faculty Award.

The award is presented annually to faculty members at NYU who exemplify King’s spirit through their teaching, public service, leadership, and community-building activities.

David Kirkland

David Kirkland

David E. Kirkland, a recipient of NYU’s Distinguished Teaching Award, is the executive director of The NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and The Transformation of Schools.

A leading national scholar and advocate for educational justice, Kirkland’s transdisciplinary scholarship explores a variety of equity related topics: school climate and discipline; school integration and choice; culture and education; vulnerable learners; and intersections among race, gender, and education. He currently leads efforts to enhance education options for vulnerable youth throughout New York City, and beyond.

Jasmine Ma

Jasmine Ma

Jasmine Y. Ma, assistant professor of mathematics education, studies the mathematics and learning of people across settings, and the role of bodies, space/place, and participation structures. Additionally, she’s concerned with how dominant forms of mathematics instruction (and the assumption that Western mathematics is the only mathematics of value) actively and systematically marginalize particular populations of learners.


Teboho Moja

Teboho Moja, clinical professor of higher education, was raised in apartheid South Africa.  When others left the country to fight the system in exile, she chose to fight from within the country.

Teboho Moja

During her early career, Moja became one of the founders and national president of the Union of Democratic Staff Associations (UDUSA), an umbrella organization that organized college level faculty and employees to challenge the South African government. In 1995, she was appointed by President Nelson Mandela to serve as an Executive Director and Commissioner of the National Commission on Higher Education. Her teaching focuses on social justice issues in the US and abroad.


Carole Anne Spreen

Carol Anne Spreen

Carol Anne Spreen, an associate professor of international education, studies the political and socio-cultural effects of educational change, particularly the influences of globalization and corporate privatization on teaching and learning.

She is currently working on two book projects: teachers’ lives and work in rural African schools (South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda) and teachers’ global mobilization and resistance to the privatization of education.

The New York University Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award is sponsored by the Office of the Provost, in partnership with the NYU Division of Student Affairs. Its purpose is to recognize faculty who make a positive impact within the classroom and in the greater NYU community. Current NYU students nominate faculty and recipients are chosen by a committee of past recipients and student leaders.