Alumni Answer: What’s Your Advice For The Class of 2019?

Student wearing a graduation cap that says "Stay Gold."

Class of 2019: We understand that life after graduation is full of unknowns. But have no fear! We are confident that you will do great things and make an impact in the world.

To get you started on your new and exciting ventures, we asked recent alumni to share their words of wisdom. Take a look:

Jocelyn Testa (BS ’18), Childhood Education/Childhood Special Education)

“Take a deep breath and be patient – things are very different after college, so look around, enjoy the change, appreciate little moments, and be sure to say thank you to everyone who helped you along the way.”

Mimi in a cap and gown.

Mimi Bergman (DPT ’17, Physical Therapy)

“Approach every opportunity with an open mind and you will never stop learning!”

Sarah holding up a book and smiling to the camera.

Sarah Cox (MS ’16, Applied Statistics for Social Science Research)

“You are not defined by your job alone. Don’t forget to live your life outside of your work – even if you, like me, love what you do at your 9-5! If you insist on being a workaholic, find a way to monetize your passion.”

Sean holding up a bell and smiling to the camera.

Sean Statser (MM ’10, Percussion Studies)

“Be a good person – the kind of person that others want to be around. If you do that, there will be countless opportunities out there for you.”

Barbara wearing a cap and gown and holding flowers.

Barbara Kouretsos (MS ’18, Communicative Sciences and Disorders)

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No question is a silly one, especially when it comes to your future career. Also, try to make some time for self-care! Your mind and body will thank you later. Best of luck to those graduating. Be proud of all your hard work and accomplishments!”

Michael posing with the NYU Bobcat.

Michael Mendieta (BS ’13, Media, Culture, and Communication)

“My advice for post-graduation is simple – keep dimensionalizing your skills and interests throughout your career. When you constantly expand what you are learning (even if it seems unrelated to your field) and change up the types of jobs you pursue, it has a profound effect on where your professional trajectory will take you.”

Mi Sophia sitting in front of a sign that says "Student Showcase."

Mi Sophia Lyu (MA ’18, Digital Media Design for Learning)

“One of my favorite quotes is from Sheryl Sandberg – ‘Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.’ So, be brave to explore and to learn on the job.”