Beverly Terry: The Soul of My Artwork

Artist, student, traveler.  These are just a few words that describe Beverly Terry, an alumna of BMCC and Vassar’s summer academic program.  Soon, Beverly will also be an alumna of NYU’s Bachelor’s program in Studio Art.   At NYU, Beverly has been able to study several different art mediums like Film, printmaking, and sculpture that has enabled her to see the world through new eyes.  Beverly describes her passions as lying within the soul of her artwork.

Now that Beverly has nearly completed her undergraduate studies, the course that has been most memorable to her is her senior studio class.  All art students in senior studio are given their own studio space to create different art works.  Beverly felt that she met many seasoned and emerging artists through this course who helped her grow as an artist.  Each week students critiqued each other’s work and discussed their practices.  Even if someone didn’t agree with what another artist was making, Beverly remembers that others still offered advice to help the artist reach their goal.

Beverly Terry Artwork

Art work by Beverly Terry

Some artists that Beverly has profound respect for are Jean Michel Basquiat, Kiki Smith, and Gordon Parks.  Although Beverly takes these artists’ work ethic as an example for herself, she has no desire to emulate their work.  Beverly’s inspiration for her own work is drawn from various avenues of emotional energy.  Her favorite mediums are film, photography, and mixed media.

Beverly didn’t always believe in her work, but both professors Veronica Alfano and Thaddeus Radell appreciated and supported her work when she was at BMCC.  The affirmations and guidance she received from these professors helped build Beverly’s academic confidence and this extended into her time at NYU.  Beverly has gone further than she ever believed she could and is still going!  She is currently studying abroad in Berlin, Germany and CCTOP is excited to celebrate her graduation this December!

Photo of Beverly Terry

“CCTOP is a godsend to potential students that emerge from backgrounds of modest means with big academic dreams.  The program helps students materialize dreams they thought could never be, regardless of age, sex, race, and social status.  I will be forever in gratitude for the wonderful program.  New York University is an amazing institution for everyone and not just the financially privileged.  Their financial support and counselling has enabled me and thousands of others the opportunities we thought weren’t possible at this academic level.  I have met several artists/professors such as Kiki Smith, Valerie Hammond, Noel Anderson, and Ian Cooper that have made lasting impressions on me and my work that I will never forget.  Thank you.”  – Beverly Terry

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