Amber Fulton:  A Leader by Example

One of the most pressing issues in the education field in recent years has been addressing the learning gap.  The learning gap corresponds to the idea that education in the United States is unequal.  By the time students graduate from high school, many haven’t met their expected reading or math levels; further, these disparities are exacerbated by other factors like socioeconomic status, race, gender, and more.  Several institutions and organizations around the world are working to decrease the learning gap.  One CCTOP student at Steinhardt in particular is committed to this mission.  

Amber Fulton recently transferred to NYU from LaGuardia Community College and is majoring in Childhood Education and Special Education.  One of Amber’s most important goals is to be part of the change that the education system in the United States needs to see.  Her experience at NYU has been a surreal experience.  College in general always felt out of reach for Amber as a first generation student coming from a working class family.  Amber already feels that the transition to NYU is inspiring her even more to reach her goals.

Photo of Amber Fulton

“Literally everyone that surrounds me are all role models.  Being one of the oldest people, if not the oldest in my cohort, and seeing younger students with the passion and determination that I believe is required to be the type of educator to make these changes is very inspiring, and it also gives me hope for the future.” – Amber Fulton

Amber knows full well the power that an individual can have on someone’s educational trajectory.  At LaGuardia Community College, she felt that her professors prepared her academically and even went the extra mile to share opportunities that helped her create the network she needed.  Amber did not believe that NYU was in her reach until the right people came into her life at LaGuardia.  Amber hopes to one day use her own success story as a community college transfer student to inspire her future elementary school students.  She wants her future students to have curious and open minds and to believe that anything is possible!  

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