Quotes from 6/1 “Working Across Sectors” immigration panel:

Quotes from 6/1 “Working Across Sectors” immigration panel:

On Friday, June 1, 2018, IHDSC co-sponsored “Working Across Sectors Support Vulnerable Youth in Schools: Research Practice Partnerships at the Intersection of Multiple Agencies.” The day was structured around three panel sessions, each of which focused on a specific sector:

  1.  Immigration
  2. Juvenile Justice
  3. Special Education and Mental Health

Follow IHDSC on twitter and visit our website in the coming weeks for more highlights from the conference! Below are quotes from the immigration-focused panel:

I came today hoping that I would find people and inspiration and connections that address a lot of the anecdotal stories or observations that I’m making in the population that I serve.”

Elizabeta Markuci, Director, Immigration Project, Volunteers of Legal Service

“The more that we can go into conversations in settings like this, not just with curiosity, but with an idea of who in this room can I work with? Who in this room can I help or get help from, and how I can do that in both short term immediate ways and longer term, more involved ways?”

Tim Carroll, IES-PIRT fellow and PhD student in Higher and Postsecondary Education, Department of Administration, Technology, and Leadership,

“One of most important things I learned from my suburban school in Maryland was actually how to be an American. Or how I was never really an American. Sociologists refer to this idea that schools are socializing institutions. It’s just not about academics, it’s not just about social mobility, but it’s actually about finding your place in society.”

Dr. Sebastian Cherng, Assistant Professor of International Education

“Immigrant friendly policies are just good policies. They make us safer and they’re better for our economy.”

— Sabrina Fong, Policy and Research Advisor, NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs

Photos by Phil Gallo, courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.