Watch: Juvenile Justice Panel from “Working Across Sectors”

Five panelists from the Juvenile Justice panel

IHDSC’s annual conference on Friday, June 1, 2018, assembled leaders in research, policy, and practice to share innovative initiatives and diverse perspectives, reflect on the research evidence, and pose questions that connect sectors, advance science, and promote action on behalf of youth experiencing difficulties in schools and beyond. The Juvenile Justice panel included: Dr. Amanda […]

“Working Across Sectors” Q&A: Tim Carroll

Tim Carroll, IES-PIRT fellow and PhD student in Higher and Postsecondary Education, Department of Administration, Technology, and Leadership, was a panelist at “Working Across Sectors to Support Vulnerable Youth in Schools” on Friday, June 1. Read our Q&A below and then watch him discuss these important issues with the other panelists.  What’s something everyone should know and […]

“Working Across Sectors” Q&A: Bryant Hopkins

Bryant Hopkins, IES-PIRT fellow and PhD student in the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, was a panelist at “Working Across Sectors to Support Vulnerable Youth in Schools” on Friday, June 1. Read our Q&A below and then watch Bryant discuss his work with faculty, practitioners, and agency representatives.  What are the challenges that shape your […]

Q&A: Dr. Joe Cimpian on Gender Achievement Gaps and Biases

young girl at school

The Brookings Institution recently published Dr. Joe Cimpian’s “How our education system undermines gender equity.” In his research-based piece, Dr. Cimpian discusses how as early as kindergarten, U.S. education systems undervalue women’s intelligence and generate discriminatory barriers that can follow women into graduate school their professional careers. Alex Clothier asked Dr. Cimpian about his research, […]

Q&A: Supporting Young Children of Immigrants in PreK-3

Drs. Fabienne Doucet and Jennifer Adair recently co-edited the Bank Street College of Education’s Occasional Paper Series #39: Supporting Young Children of Immigrants in PreK-3. The six essays highlight how educators can make early childhood programs more equitable by focusing on institutional challenges and incorporating the knowledge and capabilities of immigrant families and communities. On […]

Global TIES at CIES: The Promise of Research-Practice Partnerships

At the end of March, students, staff, and affiliates of NYU Global TIES for Children (NYU/TIES) attended the 2018 Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) conference in Mexico City. CIES is the largest and oldest of 47 comparative and international education societies around the world, and – with members representing over 100 countries – the […]

Leveling the School Choice Playing Field in NYC

School choice policies aim to reduce inequality in educational outcomes by allowing families to access schools outside their own neighborhood. For this aim to be realized, however, families need information and resources to identify, apply, and gain admission to high-performing schools. Prior research has found that disadvantaged families are more likely to lack these resources […]

Global TIES for Children & IRC Release Niger Impact Report

Education is valuable to children and families affected by emergency situations, and is a critical aspect of humanitarian support. The international community is interested in increasing long-term aid for education in emergencies and to focus the education response on education quality – where should funders and agencies invest their scarce time and resources? Without robust […]