The Intersection of Law, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

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What if while conducting our everyday, digitally-connected social lives — shopping on Amazon, sharing photos on Facebook, networking on LinkedIn — we inadvertently share data with potential employers? What if our race, gender, ability and genetic information are integrated into employment decision-making software or help employers determine who to hire, fire, or promote? What are […]

Protecting Immigrant Children’s Access to Public Benefits

Co-authored by Dr. Hirokazu Yoshikaw, Dr. Ajay Chaudry, Dr. Heather Koball, Sarah A. Rendón García, and Trenel Francis, Approaches to Protect Children’s Access to Health and Human Services in an Era of Harsh Immigration Policy examines the barriers low-income families face in accessing social services, while outlining strategies that government officials, community-based organizations, and immigrant families can implement to mitigate […]

Compassion and prejudice between U.S. minority groups

On a procrastination break from writing the second year milestone paper required for my doctoral program, I came across a BuzzFeed quiz that asked, “Can You Guess if Black People are More Homophobic than White People?” The article detailed claims of increased homophobia among Black communities. I scratched my head, thinking of an argument I’d […]

Seed Award Spotlight: Dr. Sebastian Cherng

Through support from the IHDSC Seed Award program, Drs. Sumie Okazaki, Stella Flores, and Sebastian Cherng examine college access and persistence among urban Asian American students. Working closely with a community partner, the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), the team has conducted interviews with New York City-based high school and college students to better understand the […]

How do we perceive leadership?

Despite comprising nearly 40% of the U.S. population, minorities and people of color are not proportionally represented as leaders in entertainment or politics. In fact, minorities make up 19% of Congress, and play only 19% of the leading roles in broadcast and scripted television. If voters and viewers are more diverse than ever, how do […]

Watch: Immigration Panel from “Working Across Sectors”

Four panelists on the Immigration panel

IHDSC’s annual conference on Friday, June 1, 2018, assembled leaders in research, policy, and practice to share innovative initiatives and diverse perspectives, reflect on the research evidence, and pose questions that connect sectors, advance science, and promote action on behalf of youth experiencing difficulties in schools and beyond. The Immigration-focused panel featured: Dr. Sebastian Cherng, […]

Q&A: Dr. Joe Cimpian on Gender Achievement Gaps and Biases

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The Brookings Institution recently published Dr. Joe Cimpian’s “How our education system undermines gender equity.” In his research-based piece, Dr. Cimpian discusses how as early as kindergarten, U.S. education systems undervalue women’s intelligence and generate discriminatory barriers that can follow women into graduate school their professional careers. Alex Clothier asked Dr. Cimpian about his research, […]