Reaching the Rarely Reached: Dr. Morel L’Horset

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Every day, individuals all over the world – some marginalized by ethnic identity or immigration status, others by geographic isolation or lack of material resources – fall through the cracks in healthcare systems. How do we make progress in these high-needs, low-access spaces, and what can we learn by bringing together experts from across the […]

Leveraging Behavioral Insights: New Directions in Breastfeeding Intervention

For many mothers-to-be, the decision whether and for how long to breastfeed looms large. In truth there are benefits, costs, and trade-offs to both breast- and formula-feeding. The problem is that most mothers in the United States do not end up breastfeeding exclusively, despite strong intentions: over three quarters of mothers want to exclusively breastfeed when […]

Addressing Bullying Against Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are more likely than their non-disabled peers to experience bullying in school. School-based occupational therapists play a crucial role in the provision of comprehensive services to students with disabilities. Although occupational therapists have the expertise and a professional and ethical responsibility to promote the health and safety of their students, occupational therapy […]