Q&A: Legal Perspectives on Juvenile Justice and Abolition

I have a tool box that not everybody has and so I can lament and complain about how this tool box is messed up in its privilege, or I can say let me open this up and let's figure out how I can wrench this thing to work for the people that I care about.

Ashley Sawyer, Esq is a staff attorney at Youth Represent, an organization whose aim is to provide holistic legal representation to young people ages 16-24 who have had contact with the criminal legal system. Ms. Sawyer collaborates with Dr. Shabnam Javdani and the NYU RISE team through their work on the Task Force with the […]

Watch: “Bridging the Gap: Neuroscience, Inequality & Social Policy.”

As part of Brain Awareness Week, the Scientist Action and Advocacy Network (ScAAN)¬†organized “Bridging the Gap: Neuroscience, Inequality & Social Policy.”¬†The discussion on March 12, 2018 brought together neuroscience and psychology researchers, philosophers, and practitioners to discuss questions at the intersection of science and social policy. Faculty panelists included: Dr. Clancy Blair, Professor of Cognitive […]