Compassion and prejudice between U.S. minority groups

On a procrastination break from writing the second year milestone paper required for my doctoral program, I came across a BuzzFeed quiz that asked, “Can You Guess if Black People are More Homophobic than White People?” The article detailed claims of increased homophobia among Black communities. I scratched my head, thinking of an argument I’d […]

How do we perceive leadership?

Despite comprising nearly 40% of the U.S. population, minorities and people of color are not proportionally represented as leaders in entertainment or politics. In fact, minorities make up 19% of Congress, and play only 19% of the leading roles in broadcast and scripted television. If voters and viewers are more diverse than ever, how do […]

Q&A: Understanding Black Male Reactions to Police

“Understanding the reactions of Black male youth to police”, a project led by Dr. Patrick Shrout (Professor of Psychology), and Crystal Clarke (Doctoral candidate, NYU Psychology), examines how African American, Black immigrant, and White youth in New York City potentially differ in their assessment of police in terms of threat, security, trust in the police, […]