Organizing to Integrate

Photos of students in school hallway

New York City, not unlike other major metropolitan regions in the U.S., faces a stubborn and layered system of segregation, which separate students by socio-economic status, ability, language background, race/ethnicity, and so on. These categories predict (almost acutely) who our schools will serve well, and who they will neglect. The NYU Metro Center is committed […]

Dear white folks, how will we march on?

Two teachers talking

On Saturday, January 28th, 2017, Shaun King, writer and civil rights activist, wrote this on Facebook, “Today has been, without a doubt, one of the most despicably inhumane days in my lifetime as an American citizen. Grievously inhumane. This day will go down in history as a deeply unethical, unnecessary, unconstitutional day of pain and […]

Gender DJ’s: Youth Remixing Gender

Recently I was watching my daily dose of Ellen and on came Katie Couric. Remember her? She’s the comeback kid who lost her husband prematurely to color cancer in at the age of 42. Katie, as you may recall is an American journalist who has appeared in a number of TV venues—and probably best known […]


Originally posted on WordPress: On November 17, 1999, a Michigan jury found, then-13 year-old Nathaniel Abraham guilty of second-degree murder for a killing committed when Abraham was 11. At the time, the young African-American boy was believed to be the youngest American ever charged and convicted of murder as an adult. Abraham’s story reflects the […]