Whammy Jammy: 48-Hour Music & Audio-Centric Game Jam

48-Hour Music & Audio-Centric Game Jam
November 9 – 11, 2012
What is Whammy Jammy?
It’s a 48-hour event where creative and talented people get together to make games around the theme of music and sound. If you are into music/sound and video games and would like to smash them together in interesting ways, this is the event for you. It’s an excuse to experiment with new and crazy ideas, challenge yourself, and meet others with similar interests. We call it a “game jam,” others may call it a “hack-a-thon.” If you’re interested, join our Facebook Group (info below) for the latest updates, of just sign up if you definitely wanna come!
Ooh, can I come!?
To get the most out of Whammy Jammy, you should probably have some skills in either audio production or game development. But who knows – sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected of minds. At the very least, you should be open-minded, ready to work hard, and interested in the theme of this jam. We think it’s pretty cool 🙂
Well, what should I build?
The basic goal is to create games which allow players to play with music and sound in interesting ways – interpret that as you will. There are tons of rhythm games out there, but what else can be done to combine the two mediums? But if you feel inspired to do something that’s only vaguely related to the theme, that’s cool, too! Heck, maybe you don’t even feel like making a video game. Board games, analogue games, or even just a cool song would be welcome as well. Whatever you do, we encourage you to come open-minded and ready to try something crazy. A lot can be done in 48 hours!
What are the deets?
Location: NYU Music Technology Department. November 9 – 11, 2012. Lunch will be provided on Sat. and Sun.