Master’s Thesis Defense Schedule

The Master’s thesis defense schedule is below. All presentations will be in the conference room on the 6th floor at 35 West 4th St.

At the end of each evening, there will be a 30 minute demo session.

Monday, December 16
Time Student Thesis title
3:30 Illia Balashov Upmixing audio for mobile devices
4:05 David Bokil Listener Preference for Music Processed with Dynamic Range Compression Across Different In-Ear Headphone Models and Music Samples
4:40 Hariharan Mohanraj PET Brain Scan Sonification to Supplement the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
5:15-5:30 BREAK
5:30 Tsai-Yi Wu Listening with Realism: Sound Stage Extension for Laptop Speakers
6:05 Seok Bin Oh Live Electronic Music Performance: Dancers with Wearable Musical Instruments
6:40-7:10 DEMOS
Tuesday, December 17
Time Student Thesis title
3:30 Celeste Robinson Portable Isolation Cube (P.I.C): A Portable Method for Isolating Audio for Single Microphone Recording
4:05 James Keary A New Technique for Capturing True Coincidence in Ambisonic Microphone Arrays
4:40 Xenia Ghali A Study of the Turntable in DJ Performance
5:15 Yongjin Hwang The impact of electronic guitar amp placement on the timbre of recorded guitar sound in a small room
5:50 Douglass Moss Give Life Back To Music: Segmented Tempo Variation Mapping Based on Song Structure
6:25 Tlacael Esparza Computational Rhythm Similarity Development and Verification Through Deep Networks and Musically Motivated Analysis
7:00 Amar Lal Towards Interaction with Audio Continuators: Creating New Music with Variable-Length Markov Chains Trained on Features Extracted from Audio
7:35 Ethan Hein The Drum Loop
8:10 Yuan Wang “Dislocation and Relocation”: Enhancing Expressivity of Interactive Music Performance with a Multidimensional Tactile Interface
8:45-9:15 DEMOS