A Farewell to Saul Walker

As many may now know, we were saddened to hear that our beloved Saul Walker passed away last Tuesday, October 18th. Perhaps one of the only rocket scientists to work in a recording studio, Saul was one of the most influential figures in audio technology, and by extension, modern recording.

Before starting his teaching at NYU in 2006, Saul spent over 50 years working across the industry, producing electronics first for the U.S. Navy and NASA before founding Automated Processes, Inc (API) with Lou Lindauer in 1968. Those who knew the pleasure of his teaching can attest to his gentle presence, many shocked by his modesty after learning the extent of his influence within the field.

We feel lucky to have learned from Saul for the last ten years, and while the news of his passing will be a difficult adjustment for all of us, we will take his passion for audio technology as we move forward. This year marks an exciting time in our department, with our largest freshman class to date and a surge of extracurricular student involvement. Informed by Saul Walker’s legacy, we’re looking forward to seeing the department evolve through 2017.