Student Spotlight: Ben Lidsky

Ben Lidsky

As students get back into the swing of things this semester, we’ve been excited to learn about everything that they’ve been up to this summer! Music Technology Junior Ben Lidsky came back with stories of a mysterious internship that landed him in studio sessions with rappers such as Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, D Double E and more. We sat down with Ben to find out exactly how he ended up working with some of the top artists on Interscope Records.

Max Lord’s Secret Studio

Growing up in Denver, Ben met local dubstep promoter Max Lord, who would later join hip-hop supergroup 808 Mafia with TM88 and Southside. After a few years of sending Lord instrumentals, Lidsky got a late night phone call at the beginning of the summer asking him to come to Los Angeles and work as Lord’s assistant at his secret home studio.

Once Ben arrived, circumstances had changed and Max Lord was travelling to Atlanta to set up a new studio. Ben was told to “hold things down” in LA, and on his first day he had his first of what would lead to many encounters with Chief Keef and Fredo Santana. With nobody else around, he quickly acquainted himself with the boards and recorded “Snatch His Chain,” which is now available on Fredo Santana’s “Fredo Kruger 2” mixtape. Throughout the rest of the summer, Ben recalls “waking up at Max’s house and seeing 2 Rolls Royce roll up,” knowing that another client was looking for a last minute, low-key studio session.

This semester, Ben is studying at NYU Prague and has connected with some members of the Czech rap community. We’re all eager to see what he does next! In the meantime, check out some of his work with Walt Grizzly and B Sneaks below.