Remembering Don Buchla

This time last year, we mourned the loss of iconic music technologist Don Buchla. Today, we remember his legacy, from work with NASA, in audiology, and of course his various synthesizers, championed by legendary composers such as Morton Subotnick as well as modern experimenters like Floating Points.

Described by Suzanne Ciani as a “Renaissance Man,” his vast body of 

work truly captures the ethos of our department, wherein musicians and engineers can learn side by side. Here in New York, we boast a Buchla 200 model in our Studio A synthesizer collection. 

Known for its rich sound and unconventional controls, it’s to this instrument that we owe such albums as Subotnick’s “Silver Apples of the Moon,” and Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrièreas’ “Five Steps, ”

not to mention countless student compositions. Students studying in Paris through our partnership with IRCAM, with whom Buchla was a consultant and guest researcher, might get a look at the facility’s Buchla 300 model. Explore the above links for your weekend listening pleasure, and long live Buchla!