MARL w/ Dr. Areti Andreopoulou

On Monday afternoon, University of Athens professor & NYU Music Tech Ph.D graduate Dr. Areti Andreopoulou will discuss the recent surge of interest surrounding spatial audio & virtual reality entertainment. With the increased interest, researchers look towards global, perceptually relevant spaces for HRTF and user comparisons. Andreopoulou will discuss the challenges and limitations that come with this mass approach to research. Students are invited to sit in on this talk on Monday at 1 pm, in Steinhardt’s 6th floor conference room.

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MARL w/ Johanna Devaney

Tomorrow afternoon, MARL invites Ohio State University professor Johanna Devaney, presenting her talk on “Cognitively Informed Music Information Retrieval for Modeling Musical Similarity.” Using her AMPACT software to predict the timing, tuning, loudness, and timbal parameters of various datasets, Doctor Devaney studies the ways in which listeners perceive similarities between musical performance and composition. Students are invited to learn more about the study tomorrow at 1 pm, in Steinhardt’s 6th floor conference room.

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Pandora Challenge w/ Common

The Music Business program is teaming up with streaming platform Pandora & Real Industry to create a marketing campaign for hip-hop legend Common, and they’ve extended an invitation to students in the Music Technology program. With opportunities to network with Pandora’s executive team, this is a great chance to explore the intersection between music technology & business while contributing to a major campaign

Admission is open to the first 50 students who RSVP for the launch event on October 11th.