Music Technology Students Innovate, Spring 2019

Electronic Product Design for Music and Audio, lead by Professor Steven Litt, debuted during Spring 2019. In this multidisciplinary course, students with previous experience in analog and digital electronics, put their ideas and skills into building innovative hardware-based electronic devices. Projects spanned from musical instruments and controllers, to other gadgets which related to each students interest in music and audio.

From new ways of utilizing MIDI controllers, to a fresh way of playing a guitar, these projects are a strong indication of where the future of music technology is headed. We would like to congratulate these students on their impressive work.

Here are some of the incredible products which were developed this past Spring semester.

The SmartBow

“an electromagnetic bowing device for guitar that creates unlimited sustain and rich harmonics across each string”

This device, built by Paul Odenwaldt works on a feedback loop based on the vibrations of individual guitar strings.

The Harmonizer

“takes an audio signal (usually a human voice) and auto-tunes it to whatever notes you play on an attached MIDI keyboard in real time”

This device by Ethan Bailey allows users to create as many harmonies out of their own voices as they can play keys on a keyboard

The Pouli

“allows woodwind players and people who have never touched an instrument to immediately play something beautiful.”

This electronic instrument, designed by Jake Sandakly, modeled after the woodwind family, can be played exactly like a flute by using a breath pressure sensor and pressure sensitive buttons

The portaMid

“works over the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol which allows one to control music apps on any  Apple iOS device”

This product, created by Matthew Dunlap, is a portable external MIDI controller for your phone. Just plug in and play!

The Ro-MC-001

“allows for easy adjustment without the hassle of taking the mic down”

This gadget, made by Quinn Scacheri, is a remote operated microphone clip which can be used when recording concerts or when booming on set.

You can also watch demonstration videos, gain insight into project details, and much more on each innovators blog, linked to their names below.