FLP Releases Video

The Neuroscience and Education Lab’s Family Life Project, or FLP, is a federally-funded study which began in 2003 and is led by Dr. Clancy Blair. FLP follows 1,292 children living in rural counties in Pennsylvania and North Carolina and strives to uncover the developmental mechanisms behind child self-regulation and stress response physiology in family, peer, school, and neighborhood contexts. The FLP team brings together researchers with expertise in education, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography and human development. Now that the FLP children are becoming teenagers, they are becoming more curious about the purpose and findings of FLP. In a recent survey we gave them, many FLP teens expressed wanting to learn more about the study. One teen stated, “I’d love to see and keep track of the project and it’s research done so far. I find it very interesting and would love to see what I have contributed to.” The FLP team makes it a priority that all of the teens’ voices are heard and their questions answered. To reflect this, we created a short video to explain the meaning behind their participation in FLP.

To learn more check out FLP’s video!

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