2017 NYU Doctor of Physical Therapy 5K Run

Now in its 7th year, the annual NYU DPT 5K Run was held in March and was successfully coordinated by 3rd-year students (with some help from 2nd years) and raised over $8,400 as part of the Marquette Challenge in support of the Foundation for Physical Therapy.

The Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, is especially important to the students as future PT’s because it enables clinicians to provide the best possible care to those who need it most. Through this funding the Foundation has helped support groundbreaking research providing evidence for physical therapy’s crucial role in stroke rehabilitation; improved of mobility in children with cerebral palsy; and treatments that promote pain-free movement in individuals with low back pain.   

The current 3rd-year students are already planning the 2018 5K event and look forward to another successful fundraiser!

Posted: October 17th, 2017