Finding NYU’s Most “Physical” Therapists

Who are NYU Steinhardt’s Most “Physical” Therapists? The Department of Physical Therapy recently held a competition to find out.

Students in the department’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program formed teams of two and competed in a series of fitness tests gauging their strength, muscle endurance, speed, and flexibility, among other factors.

Faculty and students throughout the department were encouraged to attend the competition, cheer on their favorite teams, and participate in a raffle benefiting the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research.

Scroll through the gallery below for a look at the events included in the Most “Physical” Therapist competition — congratulations to the winning teams!

Photo of students in plank position.
Students competed in a Plank Hold competition to test their muscle endurance.
Photo of a student stretching on a mat.
The Sit and Hold event tested students’ flexibility.
To gauge power, students participated in the Long Jump competition.
Photo of competition winners holding "NYU's Most 'Physical' Therapist" certificates.
Meet NYU DPT’s Most “Physical” Therapists of 2019: Sam Becourtney (DPT ‘19), Mir Shithill (DPT ‘19), Kristen Lettenberger (DPT ‘19), and Macy Schwartz (DPT ‘19).

Photos courtesy of @enricosanchez.

Posted: March 29th, 2019