Study Abroad: Dublin 2013 – in Pictures

By Chelsea Price

Accommodations at Trinity College were amazing. I had my own, huge room!

This production got super “meta” for the group of American theatre students watching an Irish production of an American classic theatre piece.











Visiting a museum together.





Post film screenings at the Upstate Theatre Project, we enjoyed a discussion with the director and actors.







Watching classmates perform a devised theatre piece based on interviews in a public space, Victoria Square in Belfast.










A beautiful sunset over Trinity College as late as 10:30PM! Something I could get used to.









Seeing Major Barbara at the Abbey Theatre after reading it and developing educational resource projects for pre and post show workshops.











Devising original movement theatre at the natural phenomena, Giant’s Causeway in Belfast.










Marshall Burghart gets an archery lesson at Dalkey Castle.










Cast of “This is a Story” for final performance piece!