Program in Educational Theatre Welcomes Students to the New EdD Program

This year, the Program in Educational Theatre will welcome our first students into the new EdD Program. The second of our esteemed new students is Michael Yurchak.

Michael YurchakA teacher once told me that to experience the sensation of being thrilled is to embrace the space where fear and excitement meet. I am thrilled! Thrilled to be embarking on a new journey at NYU and to be returning to the department of Educational Theater after 11 years in the field. I am also truly honored to be invited back to be part of this community. I live in Los Angeles and will be commuting virtually as well as joining study groups and intensive semesters whenever possible. As a teacher, I am particularly influenced by the work I do as an associate instructor of Fitzmaurice Voicework, focused on the release of breath and body tension in order to discover and express with authentic voice. I try to incorporate the principles of this practice into my work as a teaching artist, in an effort to help facilitate the empowerment of students as they seek to make themselves heard. I also perform regularly as a voice artist and actor and (most importantly) I’m a dad to two amazing little creatures (Luca 9 and Sascha 6) who want desperately to see New York City! I hope to focus my doctoral work on the design and implementation of meaningful teaching artist programs within the context of urban nonprofit arts organizations. As equal parts artist, educator, and administrator, I work full time across many facets of the field, and I hope to learn more about ways to add leadership and value to the various organizations I represent. Since I started my career after getting my masters in 2004, I have consistently found connection with and inspiration from fellow NYU alums as mentors, colleagues, and friends all over the country. There is no other program I know of with as far reaching impact, and it is with the most sincere gratitude that I join you!