ArtsPraxis Volume 7 Issue 1

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Welcome to the new home for ArtsPraxis!

ArtsPraxis – Volume 7, Issue 1 engages members of the global Educational Theatre community in dialogue around current research and practice.

Our contributions in this issue come from artists and educators whose praxis focuses largely on creating and devising theatre with young people. The first article is from Gina L. Grandi. Upon winning the AATE Distinguished Dissertation honor in 2019, I listened to her give a talk about her devised theatre work with girls of color in New York City. As I am strongly supportive of promoting this culturally relevant drama pedagogy, I invited Gina to write an article for this publication. In the second article, Anna Glarin explores her work creating theatre with young people in the UK. Like Gina, Anna’s writing highlights the necessity to center student voice in the theatre they create, while navigating power dynamics and ethical considerations. Finally, Nkululeko Sibanda, a practitioner based in South Africa, interrogates the aesthetics of applied theatre projects.

This issue of ArtsPraxis Volume 7 Issue 1 is available for download.

Access individual articles here:

Editorial: No End and No Beginning by Jonathan P. Jones

“I’m Gonna Use It To Tell You”: Self-Reflection and Construction of Self by Gina L. Grandi

Whose Story Is It Anyway?: Reflections on Authorship and Ownership in Devised Theatre-Making and Ethnodrama with Young People by Anna Glarin

Negotiating Design in University Applied Theatre Projects: The Case of Safe Cities (2015) by Nkululeko Sibanda