The Ultimate DIY: Generation Effect in treating Multiple Sclerosis

Will MS Patients Benefit from Self-Generated Regimens?

spOTlight congratulates Associate Professor Yael Goverover, who has just received funding from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to examine new therapeutic techniques for multiple sclerosis patients.

Self-generated concepts are always easier to recall than items read in a book. Humanity’s inherent do-it-yourself spirit is captured by the generation effect- the observation that self-produced ideas are easier to remember.

The question of whether self-generation can improve the management of multiple sclerosis, however, remains undetermined. This year, Dr. Goverover will conduct clinical trials to investigate whether MS clients offered self-generated therapy respond better than individuals offered conventional treatments.

Dr. Goverover hopes that patients undergoing self-generated therapy will report higher rates of satisfaction with their treatments, and even demonstrate better memory and functional performance than the control group.

For more information about the study: click here.