Green Grad Pledge 2019!

About The Pledge:

Since 1987, the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental responsibility has been offered at Universities and Colleges around the world. This is the third year that NYU and the Office of Sustainability is participating in the pledge, and we’re hoping this will be the biggest year yet. The Pledge itself is very simple: “I pledge, as a graduate of New York University, to contribute positively to the environmental sustainability of my future workplace and community”. NYU students go on to do incredible things, and doing so sustainably can have a real impact on our city, our state, and our world.

How To Pledge:

Students can go to our website and click “Take The Pledge”. Once they take the pledge, graduating students will be notified of where to retrieve their ribbons. Staff members from our offices will be tabling at end-of-the-year events like 19 rooms and Strawberry fest, where students will also have the opportunity to sign the pledge.