Annual MUBG walking tour takes students to West Village, Meatpacking District

(MUBG student Laura Immonen at the Mr. Brainwash exhibit; Photo by Cristine Mayer)

Becoming an annual happening, Music Business Graduates’ walking tour in Fall 2010 took the graduate students from Greenwich Village to the Meatpacking District. Walking through old graveyard and looking at places where people have been hanged at Washington Square Park, stopping at probably United States’ only intersection where a street encounters itself (Waverly Place and Waverly Place), and recognizing old town houses and their windows that once used to be the entrance to the building were just some of the “behind-the-scenes” moments.

When arriving to the district, the primal function of the area – packing meat in the industrial factories – was visible in the buildings that still contained elements of the old “Highline” train track. Seeing a railroad going through a building is something that the generations of today would never have even considered. The Meatpacking District itself was cleaned during the early 21st century, but during the past few years it has been totally refurbished. It combines beautifully old history, modern art, and personal experience.

As an outsider, the area seems to be very “New York” in that sense. The excellent tour guide Dr. David Zapotocky also took the group to Chelsea Market, which fits perfectly in its surroundings and the atmosphere of the Meatpacking District. Some rumors say that during the night the area turns into a wild disco land, almost like in the times of the gay revolution.

The tour culminated to a stunning modern pop-art exhibition by Mr. Brainwash. This exhibition combined the elements of pop culture, colours, and a message with a hint of sarcasm. That’s what modern art, and New York itself, aspires to offer; here’s the framework, experience it in your own way.

A special thanks to Laura Immonen for her report on the tour.