Collegium 11/17: Music video games round-up

(MUSB Senior Stephanie Wells plays Dance Central for the Xbox Kinect)

(Joe Kristan (UG ’12) and Chris Connelly (UG ’14) play DJ Hero 2)

Collegium on Wednesday, November 17th, the last program meeting in 2010, served as the music video games round-up of the semester. Led by Professor Sam Howard-Spink, Assistant Clinical Professor and coordinator of the NYU Music Video Games Research Project, students battled it out on two of the most cutting-edge music video games of the moment, Dance Central and DJ Hero 2. The hit of the hour was the unveiling of the just-released Microsoft Xbox Kinect, a state-of-the-art gaming console in which the player’s body serves as the controller. Video games are already proving to be an increasingly viable revenue stream for artists and songwriters, and improvements in gaming technologies are beginning to allow for an interactive user experience like never before. Be sure to check out the NYU Music Video Games Research Project blog (link) for updates and happenings around the program.