A Super Connection: Prof. Jason Menkes brings strategic branding experience to classroom

When he’s not teaching or advising Music Business students, Clinical Assistant Professor Jason Menkes runs COPILOT Strategic Music & Sound. Recently, COPILOT worked alongside strategic branding and advertising agency BBDO to create an original musical score for an AT&T television campaign that debuted during the Super Bowl pre-game show. To complement the focus of the advertisement, which highlights the ease and connectivity of AT&T’s global network, COPILOT partner Ravi Krishnaswami produced a score that uses hand-played string and percussion instruments (e.g. kora, bazouki, marimba) to create a dynamic musical backdrop. The ad can be viewed at COPILOT’s website.

Professor Menkes is currently teaching Strategic Music & Branding, a brand new course that focuses on emerging licensing opportunities for music in film, television, and interactive marketing campaigns.

COPILOT specializes in strategic branding for television, radio, interactive, and gaming by composing, producing, and licensing music to fit each client’s campaign uniquely. Over the last several years, COPILOT has provided music for a variety of clients, ranging from Cadillac to Coca-Cola and Microsoft. COPILOT’s other recent projects include campaigns for the new Volkswagen Jetta as well as Macy’s, both of which can be also be viewed on the company’s website. (Photo credit: ChrisK4u)

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