Grad Student Report: Glassnote Founder Daniel Glass speaks about Label Identity, Artist Focus, and Career Building

(MUBG Program Director Catherine Moore with Daniel Glass at NYU)
Music Business grad student Maressa Levy writes this guest post for VELOCITY.

Daniel Glass stood in front of a room of music industry hopefuls in late February, urging students to “Absorb life, learn life, volunteer for everything and start small!”
The founder of independent music company Glassnote Entertainment Group, Glass offered his input to NYU’s Music Business Masters Candidates as part of their Professional Development Sequence, a program created to help students learn from and connect with those working in the industry.
Glass founded Glassnote Entertainment Group in 2007, building the full service music company on a three-year-plan with the hope that “artists would start coming to the label and acting as word-of-mouth advertisers for the company’s services.”
The plan worked, and Glassnote has since discovered and launched a number of successful artists, including West London natives Mumford & Sons, who released their debut album, Sigh No More, in 2010. Last month the album went to #2 on the Billboard charts, #1 on iTunes and they were the #1 trending topic on Twitter after their Grammy debut performance with music legend Bob Dylan.
Despite his success, Glass prefers to keep his team small and focus on building an identity for his company, which few labels have managed to maintain. “I based my career on doing things differently, but sticking with the artist,” Glass said. “I try to create a haven for artists where they trust each other and want to work together.”
Glass also encouraged students to accept change and innovation, reasoning that although the “media will change, the drive for quality music will sustain.”
Stemming from his passion for music and a fierce drive to set himself apart from his peers, Glass has managed to use his commitment to artist development and emerging technologies to launch a thriving company. Above all, Glass emphasized the necessity of immersing oneself in the music lifestyle, stating, “If you choose to be in music, live the life of culture.”