CMJ 2011: Students review live shows in 35 words or less

VELOCITY knows that students are pressed for time, especially during CMJ week. So we asked them to review CMJ live shows in 35 words or less. “Why 35?”, you ask. Because we are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year!


(We Are Scientists at the Studio at Webster Hall for CMJ 2011 on Wednesday, October 20.)

Artist: Cerebral Ballzy

Date: Tuesday, October 18

Venue: Music Hall of Williamsburg

“Hardcore band out of Brooklyn. Easily one of the most brutal shows I’ve ever witnessed. Now I know what I was missing when I wasn’t yet around for early eighties SoCal skate punk.” – Jason Burger (G ’12)

“One can liken the experience of seeing Cerebral Ballzy to being struck in the face by a sock full of nickels then hypnotized and forced to dance. It rules.” – Jack Schramm (UG ’14)

Artist: Thomas Wynn and the Believers

Date: Tuesday, October 18

Venue: Kenny’s Castaway

“Thomas Wynn and the Believers had a folk rock singer-songwriter feel, almost like Dylan but with better vocals. Their harmonies were absolutely amazing.” – Anonymous

Artist: Locksley

Date: Wednesday, October 19

Venue: Rockwood Music Hall

“Amazingly refreshing retro rockers. They dub themselves “doo wop punk” and look and sound like they should play a 1950s high school prom. Try even listening to this band and not smiling.” – Jason Burger (G ’12)

Artists: The Postelles, The Wombats

Date: Wednesday, October 19

Venue: Webster hall

“Everybody take a deep breath…

This is the must see show on my list.

Even 30 minute shows can greater than the Rock Records show.

I felt the floor is about to collapse.” – Cecilia Lin (G ’13)


(The Damn Personals at the Studio at Webster Hall for CMJ 2011 on Wednesday, October 20.)

Artists: Alberta Cross, Portugal. The Man, Givers

Date: Thursday, October 20

Venue: Terminal 5

“I saw Alberta Cross, Portugal. The Man, and Givers on Thursday night of CMJ week with some friends at Terminal 5 and it was the best concert I’ve seen in a long time. It was the kind of show that makes you think, ‘Yep, I’m in the right major.'” – Emily Garibaldi (UG ’15)

Portugal. The Man played a great set, including all their hit songs. They played for an hour and a half, and had cello and violin players. On stage there were bubble lamps that changed colors.” – Anonymous

“Givers were awesome. Their great vocals stood out to me. The songs were dance-y and sometimes I’d hear a hint of reggaeton and electronic music mixed in.” – Anonymous

Artist: Chappo

Date: Thursday, October 20

Venue: Spike Hill

“This Brooklyn garage-pop band had tons of energy. They were really engaging and even threw confetti on the crowd. They also wore feathers – one of the many high points of their performance.” – Brady Willis (UG ’13)

Artist: Hey Marseilles

Date: Saturday, October 22

Venue: Living Room

“Hey Marseilles is an exciting folk/alternative/symphonic band from Seattle. Their lead singer’s voice was very strong, earnest and passionate. Their instrumentation was vast, pulling out accordions, banjoes, cellos, violins, and so much more.” – Eric Meyers (UG ’12)

Artist: The Bright Light Social Hour

Date: Saturday, October 22

Venue: Mercury Lounge

“The Bright Light Social Hour, looking straight from the ’70s, made even the most snobbish hipsters go nuts. One of the best new bands, whether you want to dance, sway, or just listen in awe.” – Sam Tall (UG ’14)