Study Abroad Report: Prague

Guest post by Brittany Holloway (UG ’14)

As a student contemplating whether or not studying abroad was the right choice for me, my biggest concern was whether or not I would be able to take classes that would count towards my degree requirements. The options that the NYU Prague study abroad site provides Music Business students with quickly eased my worries and my reaction was immediate: I couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Once I had sorted out which classes I would take during my semester abroad, I became curious as to what roles music and the music business as a whole would play in my experiences. My first realization upon arrival in Europe was that the relationship I have with the music industry would not be negatively affected by my relocation; I still check all of the same websites and blogs as I did back home to stay up to date but furthermore, my opinions and knowledge of the industry on the international scale have expanded. Five MUSB students, including myself, are in Prague this semester and I can proudly say that we have continued to help the live sector of the music industry thrive. The artists we have seen perform in Europe span from The Tallest Man On Earth and Japandroids to the Berlin Philharmonic, with everything in between.

(From L to R: Lauren Fior, Grace Harris, Brittany Holloway, Sarah Cowell, Camille Johnston)

The close-knit nature of the MUSB program has followed us across the Atlantic, displayed clearly by our choice to spend part of the Fall Break together in Amsterdam! The friendships I have made as well as the ones I have strengthened will act as just one of the many things I will be bringing back with me to New York. In regards to the events I have experienced and the newfound perspective I have, I cannot wait to see the long-term benefits to both my personal and professional life. Until then, Na Shledanou! (Goodbye in Czech.)