Senior Spotlights: Grace Pozniak

Photo of Grace Pozniak

Where are you from?

I am from Cohasset, Massachusetts.

What is your background in music?

In high school, I started going to a whole bunch of shows in Boston. Most of them were Warped Tour-esce bands, and I got involved with a really tight knit Boston community that formed around this music. I also starting playing drums in sophomore year of high school. I realized nothing brought me as much joy and satisfaction as music, so I decided to pursue it for a career!

Why did you decide to come to NYU?

I decided to come to NYU for a few reasons. First, the opportunities in the music world are unparalleled at any other university or city. Moreover, the town I grew up in was tiny and homogeneous. I wanted to break out of that and be somewhere were differences are celebrated rather then stifled. I knew I could be whoever I wanted to be at NYU, and that wasn’t something I had genuinely felt at any previous point in my life. I also wanted to be surrounded by people who were passionate about what they were doing, sharing what they love and making the most of their college experience. Lastly, I knew I would be incredibly bored at any other school where I was isolated and couldn’t do a million different exciting things every day!

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

Right now, a few of my favorites are Pinegrove, Big Their, PWR BTTM, Hop Along, Mitski, Vundabar. It changes all the time!

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

I love One Direction and I am not ashamed.

What have been some of your favorite music business classes/professors in your time here?

I really enjoyed Concert Management with Carlos Chirinos and Music Publishing with Jennifer Blakeman.

Have you had any really cool music-related moments in New York?

Yes! Every music moment feels cool, to be honest. But my favorite definitely was the first year I worked at Governors Ball. I was on site for about a week and a half before the festival started, and it was simply incredible to watch the way the whole site was put together in the blink of an eye, then be flooded with attendees for three days, then be broken down in about three days. It was really incredible to participate in making it all happen, and I definitely felt like a newbie the whole way. 

What was your best Internship?

This is so hard. Two standout ones were with Founders Entertainment (Gov Ball, The Meadows) and the one I’ve had now for a year with Sofar Sounds. While both deal with live music, the scale is so different and it’s been really interesting to see the similarities and differences. I worked with amazing, inspiring, caring, and passionate people at both that really shaped my music business experience and personal life trajectory.

What is your dream job?

This is also hard! I think my dream is to one day start my own music festival that is totally based on giving back, like a benefit festival with volunteer and donation aspects. It’s not totally fleshed out yet obviously, but I am really into using the power of music for good.

Are you leaving the program with different career aspirations than you had when you entered the program?

Yes! I didn’t really even know at all what I wanted to do when I entered the program. I just knew I wanted to work with music. But my love of live music and the possibilities to combine my social justice aspirations and music have really formed and grown during my time here.

What is your advice for any incoming freshmen or transfer students to the program? 

Everyone’s experience is so different, so I think its tough to give advice that would work for everyone! I would say to simply make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to explore, share your ideas with anyone and everyone, dream big, send cold emails, dye your hair, start a conversation with a random person in class. There is no other time in your life where you have such incredible and different people surrounding you every single day, so take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid to be different, there is no right answer! And go to class!