Special Announcements
  • Please visit our new website, where information about our upcoming programs will be available. Resources from spring 2020 forums and teacher-created materials and tips for remote and hybrid teaching are also available on our new website!
  • Due to COVID-19 related stay at home restrictions, all Project DCLT events have been moved online for spring and summer 2020. We are delighted to report that our events are ongoing and participation is high! We've turned our focus to teaching remotely and online. We've ramped up our activities to maintain community and support in this challenging time.
  • Tools for online teaching and student reading at home: download culturally important stories for learning Chinese, iBooks, pdf and activities for teaching. We hope these tools are particularly useful in this time of online and remote learning.
About Project DCLT

NYU Project Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT) was established in fall 2007 with funding from the Freeman Foundation. The mission of Project DCLT is to provide quality professional development, support and training for Chinese language teachers. We provide a platform for teachers and other professionals in the field to share their expertise at forums, workshops, conferences, and more!

NYU Steinhardt M.A. in Teaching Chinese

Project DCLT is affiliated with NYU's program in Multilingual Multicultural Studies (MMS), which offers an MA in Foreign Language Education (Chinese). MMS offers two strands of the MA program: one strand leads to an MA with New York State certification in Teaching Chinese grades 7-12 (with an option to also obtain TESOL all grades certification);  the second strand leads to an MA in Teaching Chinese.  Students in NYU’s MA in Foreign Language Education take courses in Chinese Linguistics and Chinese for Chinese Teachers, as well as courses in Foreign Language Teaching Methodology. The website offers more information. You may also email program faculty member and Project DCLT Director Robin Harvey at robin.harvey@nyu.edu.

Where Are Our Graduates?

Graduates of NYU teach in schools across New York, the US, and the world.