CLTA-GNY New Trends in Chinese Language and Culture Teaching

On May 14, 2011, the CLTA-GNY annual conference was held at Lucy Stone Hall of Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

In the morning session, Robin Harvey made a presentation, "Songs and Chants in the Foreign Language Classroom",  together with master teacher Pauline Huang from St. Hilda and St. Hugh's School. 

In the afternoon session, Dr. Frank Tang, Director of the Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT), led a panel at which Robin Harvey, Coordinator of the DCLT, and two NYU graduates, Zijie Hu and Chang Qian, talked about teaching Chinese literacy and how to use technology to facilitate literacy development.

Songs and Chants in the Foreign Language Classroom – Motivational,  Effective Language Learning Techniques

In this presentation, Robin Harvey and Pauline Huang demonstrated how these techniques could be brought to foreign language teaching to create motivated, engaged students and a dynamic and effective learning environment. Real examples from Chinese classrooms (ours and others') where songs and chants have been used with great success were presented. Participants also learned how to create their own songs, chants and song-based activities, and lesson plans, and to help their students create their own songs or chants for performance in the classroom, for the school at large, and for parents.

 View Robin Harvey and Pauline Huang's Powerpoint presentation and videos.

Balanced Literacy

In this presentation, Robin Harvey introduced how the Balanced Literacy Approach has been used in American classrooms, and talked about how to use the similar skills and activities in teaching Chinese. She used a Chinese big book to demonstrate a Read Aloud activity. 

View Robin Harvey's Powerpoint presentation and videos.

Chinese Literacy Development Through Technology

Zijie Hu, an NYU graduate and currently a Chinese teacher from New Explorations Into Science, Technology and Science, talked about how she creates teaching materials to teach Chinese. She showed an example of a story she created based on a popular Chinese cartoon, “喜洋洋和灰太狼". She also shared with the participants her guided writing activities of writing poetry and songs with students. She uses meaningful connections between the components of the Chinese character and its form to teach new words.

View Zijie Hu's Powerpoint presentation and video.

Technology and Balanced Literacy

In this presentation, Chang Qian, an NYU graduate, talked about how to use comic strips and photo stories to teach Chinese literacy. Make Beliefs Comix, Microsoft Photo Story 3, Voice Thread, and other useful websites and tools were introduced with the aim of discussing how technology can facilitate reading and writing activities like read-aloud and guided writing in Chinese classroom. She also demonstrated a storytelling activity after her presentation. The name of the story is "The Frog and the Ox."

View Chang Qian's Powerpoint presentation and video.